UMC is now vaccinating the regional population against the Coronavirus. Vaccination clinics are occurring at the clinic bi-weekly or as vaccine supply dictates. The clinic is currently dispensing the two-part Moderna vaccine to patients 18 and older.  San Miguel Public Health (SMPH) has recently been authorized to dispense the the Pfizer vaccine to young adults (12+ years of age).  We encourage you to investigate SMPH’s website below if you are in that 12-17 age category.

If you are over 18 years of age, we encourage you to pre-register for one of our vaccination events by clicking below:

Ongoing Vaccination Clinic (Janssen/JNJ; one shot)

Ongoing Vaccination Clinic (Moderna, two-part)

If you are looking for additional dates or events, we encourage you to contact your county’s public health department:

San Miguel County Vaccine Information

Montrose County Vaccine Information