Uncompahgre Medical Center believes that care for the whole patient is essential to achieve optimal health and wellness.  We provide treatment for general substance use disorders through integrated visits with our behavioral health provider.  In additional to substance use disorders integrated visits assist with other patient concerns: such as diabetes, smoking cessation, weight loss, grief, depression, anxiety and a variety of other mental health issues.  UMC recognizes that health and wellness of our patients and our community is a team effort.  At UMC, this team consists of the medical provider, the patient and family, a behavioral health provider, a dental provider, a pharmacist, the care manager, and a medical assistant.

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Individual Psychotherapy

 Group Psychotherapy

 Couples & Family Psychotherapy

Substance Use Disorder Treatment

 Crisis Intervention

Development Screenings

We believe that improved mental health is achieved through prevention and by making appropriate, quality mental health services available.