UMC DOES NOT DENY HEALTH CARE BASED ON FINANCIAL LIMITATIONS. As one of only a few federally-qualified Community Health Centers on the Western Slope, UMC is dedicated to ensuring that all patients receive quality healthcare regardless of their ability to pay. We work with patients to determine what they can afford, establish relationships with specialists, and enroll them in programs to offset costs. At the Uncompahgre Medical Center, we are sensitive to rising healthcare costs, including that of healthcare insurance, which can be priced out-of-reach for some families. Healthcare shouldn’t be a luxury, and we strive to make our services affordable. Some of the solutions that we provide are:

 Offering cash discounts with payments at time of service

UMC offers reduced fees for some patients who are uninsured or financial disadvantaged

UMC outreach and enrollment staff can screen and enroll individuals in assistance programs.   UMC is a Certified Application Assistance Site (CAAS).  Which means we can assist with Health First Colorado and CHP+ applications.  UMC outreach and enrollment staff includes Certified Assistance Counselors that can help individuals with enrollment in Colorado’s insurance marketplace, Connect For Health Colorado.

Maintaining a sliding-scale for office-visit co-pays

 As a courtesy, we will gladly submit your claim to your insurance company on your behalf. Ultimately, a medical bill is the patient’s responsibility. Insurance information and card must be submitted at the time of service

UMC is also a participating provider of most insurance companies. If there is a question of acceptance, we can verify for you. We also accept Medicaid and CHP+

Discounts on prescription medications. Click here for more information about our Prescription Medication Program

Affordability Chart

UMC uses a formula based on income and family size to determine if and to what degree a patient qualifies for a discounted office visit fee (co-pay). This chart is meant to be a guide only, as we have various programs with differing criteria.

The chart is only a guide as we have various programs.

Income (max)
Family Size Dental Medical
1 $24,280 $30,350
2 $32,920 $41,150
3 $41,560 $51,950
4 $50,200 $62,750
5 $58,840 $73,550
6 $67,480 $84,350
7 $76,120 $95,150
8 $84,760 $105,950